Technicians will be on site to perform maintenance on the boilers at Canada Royal Milk for 2 days next week: Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16.   The process may require venting limited amounts of steam to the atmosphere.  The work is scheduled between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.
If steam venting is required, it may cause abnormal noise levels.
Anyone with questions or concerns can contract: Carey Bidtnes, HR Manager, or 613-817-1226 ext 9222

1.What is that sound?
a. Canada Royal Milk, the dairy processing plant in the Cataraqui Estates Business Park is servicing the steam boilers.  The technician may need to vent or let out steam during the course of the maintenance work. The steam leaving the vents to the outside make a very loud noise.

2.Is it dangerous?
a. No.  This is steam produced from the boilers heating water – it is water steam which is not dangerous to the environment.  At the site, employees are not exposed to the sound as it is outside the building. All employees working in utilities have the required ear protection.

3.Will this happen all the time? Is the plant going to do this everyday?
a. No, venting steam is only required for testing or regular maintenance.
b. To date, the plant vented steam 3 times:
   i.   September 2019
   ii.  April 2020
   iii. July 2021

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