Statement on Infant Formula Production

According to various media sources, there continue to be shortages of specific infant formulations in both Canada and the USA.   This has generated interest in Canada Royal Milk (CRM) and the status of our infant formula production for the Canadian market.   

The production of infant formula has not started, and no infant formula has been produced for any market: either domestic or export.  Canada Royal Milk continues to manufacture and export fortified cow milk powder, whole goat milk powder and skim goat milk powder. 

In 2022 CRM updated our business objectives to prioritize the production of infant formula for the Canadian market over export markets.  The company’s focus has been accelerating our capacity to produce for sale in Canada.  The domestic market and Canadian families continue to be our number one priority. 

CRM completed the formal submissions to Health Canada in August 2022, and they are under review.  We are not able to provide a specific date or timeframe for when we will receive the approvals to begin infant formula production.  When we receive the approval from Health Canada, we can begin producing infant formula immediately, and preparations are underway. 

We anticipate that production of infant formula for export markets will begin in 2024.  

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